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The technique of improving website’s visibility and rating on search engine results pages is known as search engine optimization (SEO) (SERPs). 
Schema markup, technique for introducing structured data to website to aid search engines in comprehending its content, is crucial component of SEO software solutions.
defined format called schema markup enables webmasters to give search engines more details about their websites. 
This data may contain things like the title of the website, its logo, its contact details, and user reviews. 
Search engines may use this data to show rich snippets in the SERPs, which may aid in boosting website’s click-through rate (CTR).
Schema markup comes in a wide variety of forms, including those articles, events, items, and reviews. Each kind of markup has a unique collection of attributes that can be utilized to provide search engines with more information. The headline, author, and publication date of the article, for instance, might all be attributes in an article schema.
Schema markup is simple to implement on a website. Several techniques, including JSON-LD, RDFa, and Microdata, can be used to accomplish this. Google considers JSON-LD to be the best practice; it is a JavaScript-based format that can be put into a web page’s header and is simple to read and comprehend.
While schema markup can increase a website’s exposure and CTR, it is vital to remember that this is not a guarantee of improved ranks. When assessing a website’s ranking, search engines also consider additional aspects such as the website’s relevance, authority, and content quality.

In conclusion, schema markup is a crucial component of SEO that can increase a website’s exposure and click-through rate (CTR) on SERPs. Webmasters can aid in ensuring that their website is correctly interpreted and presented in the SERPs by supplying additional information to search engines through schema markup. It is a potent method to increase the visibility of your website on search engine results pages and is quite simple to put into practice.

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