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How to Start a Blog (Complete Tutorial): My Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

This is a (free) in-depth video tutorial that walks through the entire process of starting a blog that’s intentionally designed to grow quickly and become a real business for you, this year. Learn more about smart business handling, check this new guide about how to make a fake pay stub.

This video guide is based on 8+ years of experience growing my own blog to more than $30,000/mo in consistent revenue (and to reaching over 500,000 monthly readers), so if you’re ready to take your blog seriously… then let’s do it. Here’s a preview of what we’re covering in today’s video:

How to think of your blog as a business (developing a real plan) and 7 ways to find a profitable blog niche
4 tactical steps to validate your blog’s niche (with examples to help get readers) and my 8 top blog naming techniques
Setting up your blog’s hosting, a tour of WordPress settings, themes, plugins, planning to monetize and more…
Come join us in watching my in-depth video guide to starting a blog today.

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